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Melissa Wallace, owner of The Full Lotus Wellness Initiatives, has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Valdosta State University.  She also holds numerous certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Aerobics and Fitness Association (AFAA), and the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E).   Melissa is credentialed as a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance with a certification in Aerial, SUP, chair, yin-yoga, and childrens yoga. 

     Since 2003, I have had a passion for Pilates and Yoga.  Due to various injuries I sustained as a gymnast and experiencing low back pain at such an early age, I knew I had to rehab my body and stay strong to maintain a better quality of life. I love to share my experiences through teaching and coaching pilates,yoga and other wellness classes to others because I am a HUGE believer (and living testimonial) that having a strong core and maintaining flexibility will improve your daily activities, no matter who you are. 

     I know without a doubt, without me building my core, maintaining range of motion, and leading a healthy lifestyle, I would not be able to enjoy the fun activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, skiing and of course my love for aerial yoga (my true zen!). Aerial yoga gives me that emotional feeling that I am that "young" gymnast that I once was. And I want to share that with you.

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Melissa Wallace

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Melissa Wallace - Yoga Teacher in Cape Coral

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 The "Full Lotus" is an advanced yoga position that practitioners strive to achieve. It is symbolic of both their journey and their level of mastery, because although it is difficult, it is also attainable for those who want and try to learn.  Just like your health and wellness.  I like to think of the "Full Lotus" as meaning a little bit of everything, a complete package, if you will.   The Full Lotus in Cape Coral was created to help you full circle in your wellness journey. My philosophy is to help you connect the mind, body and spirit through physical practices, meditation or finding a diet that is right for you.  I hope to teach you a new awareness of yourself.   I also hope that you’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to new limits in whatever discipline you choose. I take a very balanced and open approach to yoga and pilates. You’ll find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality, hopes, and goals. One size does not fit all.  You are unique and so too is your path to wellness. Namaste, friends.